IAE will use our worldwide network to locate a genetically suitable specimen for your collection. Then we can arrange everything for domestic or international transport, including regulation compliance, animal care, exhibit consultation, and financing.

In our 60 years, IAE has moved most all zoo animals from Alligator to Elephant and from Giraffe to Zebra. We can safely move any animal that may be found in a zoo, wild animal park or aquarium.

It can take 6 months to one year to get the required documentation and permits in place and to acclimate the animal for shipment.

Yes. IAE can assist in facilitating the transfer of an animal from your collection to another qualified holder. IAE’s extensive network ensures that only qualified holders will be considered for placement.

Yes. Each crate, however, must be appropriately matched for the specific animal that is being moved. Click here to request an estimate for a crate.

Yes, our staff has extensive experience in collection planning, park and exhibit design, as well as implementation.